2012f.Ejnar Dyggve and the Reconstructing the Roots of Christianity in Europe
Meeting the Perspectives (Denmark / Croatia) 
2012f.eva - edition video art
(eds.: S.K., Marcel Odenbach, Yvonne Spielmann)
2012Curated Program for the FOKUS Video Art Festival  (February 8 – 26). Nikolaj, Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center: Marcel Odenbach, Dieter Kiessling, Matthias Neuenhofer
2011f.Torben Søborg Archive of Independent Danish Video Art[HTML]
2006f.M.A.D. Media Art Database[LINK]
2007Exhibition-Conception „Obscuring the Image by the Lightning of the Object / Media Matter(s)“ (working title), for the Kunsthalle Dominikanerkirche, Osnabruck, André Lindhorst 
2004KUNSTSTOFF. Online-Magazine for Art and Science (until 2006)
2004Exhibition „Kosmische Pflanzentiere“ (with Sabine Kacunko), Projektraum „art is different“,Dusseldorf
1999Exhibition "Videodrome"; New Museum of Contemporary Art (organisation, under supervision of Dan Cameron), New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York
1997Exhibition „Croatian Horizons“ at the Museum- and Gallery Centre in Zagreb, Croatia (Member of the organizational Comitee), June-September
1995-96A Series of Exhibitions "Coincidence I - V", Concept and Co-Organisation at the European Culture Centre IGNIS, Cologne (together with Günther Demnig)
1995Presentation: „Das im Entwischen Erwischte: Video in Dusseldorf 1990-1995“ at the "Black Box" – Cinema at the Filmmuseum Dusseldorf, May