2006PD Dr. Habil., University of Osnabruck: Habilitation,  qualified as full professor for Art History with a thesis on the History and Theory of Media Art, Germany

Ph.D., History of Art, University of Dusseldorf, Germany (Summa cum laude)

1993Diploma, Art History and Philosophy, Zagreb University, Croatia
1986Diploma, Pedagogy, Osijek University, Yugoslavia

Wide scope of the Art history, Art theory and visual culture, especially media art histories and theories of film, televison, video, fine arts and performing arts, experiment and avantgarde in twentieth century, cultural theories/critical theory, gender, intermediality, hybridisation, digitality, photography-theory, media technologies and mass media-research in the relationship to the arts of the 19. century – today; communication structures in the electronically affected media societies, culture- and media studies-conducted adoption of the art historical subject complexes (15. century ff.), art manifestos in the context of the performative arts, sociology of the female artists’ roles from the ancient Greece until the ‘Girlie’-phenomenon, ‘jeux de communication’ and the development of the telecommunications media, institutions-theories of the art, image-theoretical paradigms; 

Aesthetics: Theories of the taste from the 17th century – today, contextuality and hermeneutics of the media production-, reception, and –distribution, transdisciplinary media art history (diverse aspects), reception aesthetics and media theories, interaction aesthetics, descriptions- and interpretations-approaches to the diachronical / time-based art forms (performative, filmic, installative), ‘Image’ and ‘Performance’ within the actual media-, theatre-, art- and visual studies, film-scientific approaches in the notation of the filmic processes, Cyberspace and Gender, Net Art (aesthetics and history); 

Culture Theories
: Industrialisation of the Synaesthesia, ethnological aspects of the body-media-relationship, art- and media scientific causes-research (as a complement to the effect-research), art history and –theory of the everyday-culture in the multi media context, art and the ideology of the ‘mass media’, generation-typology of the Gate Keeping in the scientific theory and the economical praxis, art and design in the service of the advertisement