Ejnar Dyggve and the Reconstructing the Roots of Christianity in Europe

Meeting the Perspectives
(Denmark / Croatia)

Due to his archaeological work in Denmark, Ejnar Dyggve is responsible for the discovery and publication of research on the most important archaeological testimonies related to the beginnings of the Christianity in Denmark. He won among other the recognition of the renowned CF Hansen-medal of the Royal Academy for his work, which has been closed with the function in the National Museum of Denmark in Copenhagen.
At the same time, with his stay in Solin during 1920-40's Ejnar Dyggve contributed to discoveries and international research publication of important archaeological testimonies about the beginnings of Christianity in Croatia.

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the death of Ejnar Dyggve (1961.), a Working group of the University of Copenhagen (Søren Kaspersen, Jens Fleischer, Nicoletta Isar, Markus Bogisch and Slavko Kacunko) has initiated a project dedicated to the evaluation of the known and recently rediscovered archival material linked to Ejnar Dyggve´s archeological and architectural work. This work has been taken in the context of his research of the roots of European Christianity with particular attention to its points on the north and south – Denmark and Croatia.

More information about the project, its actual development and its international and national partners will follow soon.


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