Marcel Odenbach. Performance, Video, Installation 1975 – 1998 (1999)




Slavko Kačunko’s dissertation represents the first monograph on one German video artist. In view of the utter rarity of examinations of this kind, an aim has consisted in elucidating a series of fundamental standpoints. Among them was the attempt to make the methods of art history productive for the medium of video, without neglecting the aspect of media aesthetics. This was the only way that would enable the author to take a third route, between the traditional art-historical approach on the one hand and the approaches of media theorists on the other, and to set as an absolute precondition the analysis of the individual work. 

To have documented in such cogent – and comprehensive – a manner the significance of the video artist Marcel Odenbach and what sets his oeuvre apart, is in itself a considerable feat. 

But the insights so gained go beyond his oeuvre and lay the foundations for a future, sound art-historical practice in dealing with video or media art in general. Therefore this book deserves recognition as a pioneering contribution to an art history of video art. 





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