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2013Understanding Mirrorsspring
Immediacy of Image - Image of Immediacyspring
2012Understanding Mirrors: Bronze Age – 18. Century autumn
From Analogue to Digital. The 2nd Generation of Media Artistsautumn
Describing Diachronyspring
Historical Origins of Media Artspring
2011Bio-Art and Bio-Media

Media-Installations II.

Santiago Sierra and the ‚Art-System‘

Video Art in Rhineland II.

2010An Art History of the Mirror
Nam June Paik
Mirror as Medium. A Culture-Technique Reflexion
Media-Art. 'Categories' and 'Research Fields'
2009Games. Rules. Learning: The ludic Aspects of Art in the 20th and 21th Century II.
Aesthetics of Capitalism
2008Net Art
Games. Rules. Learning: The ludic Aspects of Art in the 20th and 21th Century I.
2007Greek Mythology: Subtle Image-Histories
The Art of Installation
2006Taste – Fascination - "Total Recall". Geschmack, its Notion and ist (Art-)History (17. - 20. century)
Performance Art
Michelangelo Buonarroti
2005“Adrio-Byzantine Style”:
About the Culture and History between Byzantion and Aachen

MEGALOPOLIS. Modern Art in the Rhein-Ruhr Region
Victorian Architecture
Art in the Public Space: 20. Century II.
2004Mirror: Motive, Metaphor, Material, Medium. Art History of the Mirror from the Bronze Time until today
Media Art Histories
Art in the Public Space: 20. Century I.
"documenta" in Kassel 1955-2005: On the Reception of the International Modern in Germany
200319. Century: Photography and Painting in Dialogue
The Female Artists of the Modern Period
1998f. Roman Churches in Cologne today
Early Christian Architecture
Magdalena. About the Profanization of  the sacred 
Cubism and its (Dis-)Assembl(y)ies
Heinrich Wölfflin and the 'formalistic History of Art'
“Witch Kettles & Noble Cementeries”: The Exhibition and Museum as the Art Media  / "Hexenkessel & Nobelfriedhof": Ausstellung & Museum als Medien der Kunst
Space Shifts / Space Histories. The Space-problems and the Architecture-Interpretation in the recent German Art Photography /  Raum(ge)schichten. Die Raumfragen und Architekturinterpretation in der neueren deutschen künstlerischen Fotografie
Japan Art in Japan after 1945
On the Description, Interpretation and the Critics of the ‚diacronic’ Art Forms (Happening, Performance, Videotape, Media Ininstallation)
"Sex Sells": Art & Design in the Service of Advertisement (Case Studies)
„Image“/“Picture“ and „Performance“ within the recent art-, media-, and theatre-scientific Research
New Media Theories