2012Member of the expert committee for the strategic Ph.D. grants "Globalization in Practice" of the Institute for Arts and Cultural Studies, Faculty of Humanities, University of Copenhagen (with Frederik Tygstrup and Annemette Kirkegaard)
2008Initiation, Organisation, and Coordination of the DFG / German Research Society - Application within the Programm „Virtual Research Networks / Development Projects“: M.A.D. Media Art Database, in cooperation with: Verena Kuni, Dr. Phil., Prof. for Visual Culture (replacement), Institut for Art Pedagogy, Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität, Frankfurt am Main; Ralf Klamma, Dr. rer. nat., Informatics 5 at the RWTH Aachen; Jens Geelhaar, Prof. Dr. sc. hum., Professur Interface Design, Bauhaus-Universität Weimar & Dekan of the Media-Faculty; Gerhard Dirmoser, Ing., Systemanalytics, Energie AG OÖ, Linz, Austria; Miroslaw Rogala, Dr., Professor, Director, Digital Arts Center KSI/ Knowledge Systems Institute, Graduate School Chicago, IL USA und Seamus Ross, Dr., Professor Director HATII (Humanities Advanced Technology and Information Institute) + Associate Director the DCC (Digital Curation Centre) + Principal Investigator DPE (Digital Preservation Europe), University of Glasgow
2007Committee member of the LEF / Leonardo Education Forum – Expert Meeting on Media Art Education (Media Art Histories, Berlin / ISEA, Singapore / Ars Electronica, Linz)
Co-working on the first phase of the application for the KUR-programm of the Federal Ministry for the Education and Research with the  “documenta Archive for the Art of the 20. & 21. Century“, City of Kassel (Director: Karin Stengel).
2006f.Advisory Board, “Media Art Database”
2004/7Membership, Compartment- and Examination-Commission University of Osnabruck
2007/8Membership, Budget-Commission, University of Osnabruck
2005/7Participant, development and accreditation of the des 2-department-Bachelor (Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Science) and the preparation of the Master-programm “Art History – Architecture and Arts in the cultural and historical context”, University of Osnabruck
2004/8Participant, (as representative) in the Department Steering Committee, University of Osnabruck
2005/8Executive department speaker for the transfer-catalogue and the transfer-database of the scientific facilities of the region Osnabruck
Examiner for doctoral examinations at University of Osnabruck