2012ff.External reviewer for international academic cooperation programmes
2011ff.Full Professorship for Art History and Visual Culture at the Institute for Arts and Cultural Studies, Faculty of Humanities, Copenhagen University
2011Lecture-Invitation in the appointment procedure for the W2-Professorship "Theory and History of Visual Culture" at the Berlin University of the Arts
2010-11Representation-W2-Professorship for  Visual Studies and Media Aesthetics, University Dusseldorf
2009 Lecture-Invitation in the appointment procedure for the „Western Art History“ at the Institute of Art History, National, Taiwan Normal University, Taipei
2006 Lecture-Invitation in the appointment procedure for the Full-Time Professorship (W3) at the Dept. for the Art sciences with the emphasis on the history and cultural practice of the fine arts, University of Hildesheim / Institute for fine arts and art sciences
2003-09Assistant Professor (W1), Dept. of Art History, University of Osnabruck
2003 Teaching Appointment, Dept. of Art History, University of Osnabruck
1999/2000 Teaching Appointment, Dept. Theater-, Film- and Media Studies (Special Area: Newer Philologies) at the Goethe-Universität, Frankfurt/Main
1994-95Production Assistant at the West-German Television / WDR-TV, Dusseldorf
1993-97Art Critics and Correspondent for “Kontura Art Magazine”, Zagreb
1991-93Co-Founding and Co-Organisation of the first art magazine in Croatia, "Kontura" Zagreb
1991 ff.Publications about contemporary art, film- and media art as well as freelance activity as curator and art critics; Lectures, presentations, colloquia, exhibitions, conferences
1988-91Technical-scientific assistant at the Dept. of the Art History of the University of Zagreb (Prof. Dr. Radovan Ivancevic, President of the Art Historian Society of form. Yugoslavia, later of Croatia)